In Mexico City for the SEM conference, we passed a small but loud street protest this evening, flanked by many police cars. It came out of nowhere and none of us knew the protesters’ cause. Apparently these are very common – as in, more than daily – around here.

Fair warning: Posts during the conference will be a bit more tossed-off than normal. I generally don’t like posting about things I can’t explain at least somewhat credibly, but that’s not likely to happen much this weekend. Feel free to comment with context/translation.

4 comments to “Artwork #8: Street Protests, Avenue Reforma”

  1. Scott says:

    Several reasons for the protests in Ciudad de México this past weekend: labor (, flooding in southern cities (, and election turmoil/shadow governments ( – this last one was the protest we witnessed on Sunday. These issues, coupled with the anniversary of the revolution, made for quite a tense city.

  2. Scott says:

    Not sure. The buses were parked outside the hotel Sunday morning, but I believe the protests were taking place in the Zócalo.

  3. resumeplanet says:

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