Gossip: I have an artwork premiering at next month’s Ncounters conference at the University of Alberta.

The piece is titled “This is Sound,” and it is an 11-minute lecture/journey about the effects of sound on the human body. It was produced, loosely, in the style of NOVA.

You can enjoy the installation yourself at home, if you have a closet and some pillows to lay your head on. Here are the instructions: “This is a didactic piece about sound for two or three listeners. Each person should lie on the floor in a comfortable position, with some part of their clothing or body touching the adjacent listener(s). Press play, and lie down.” You can obviously also listen to the piece without following the instructions, but the impact will be much less. The purpose of listening in a closed space, next to other people, is to accentuate resonance and materiality.

You can download the file directly here, or stream it:

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