Phoenix neighbors of Indians right fielder Shin-Soo Choo hold a banner as he bats. The first “O” in “Choo” is a symbol from the Korean flag, the second is the Cleveland mascot.

No sentiment describes spring training better than optimism; everyone imagines their team could be competitive, or at least not depressing to follow.

In Arizona, players mingle with fans in 70 degree weather, batting practice balls rain on concession stands, and everyone engages in idle speculation and gossip about the coming season. Sonically, the CKK!! of ash smacking leather is a constant punctuation. As game time approaches, MOR pop hits give way to the billowy timbre of roster announcements. The game itself is often the quietest time, especially in the late innings after more marginal players come in, and after the sun and beer have taken their respective tolls on fan awakeness.

Spring Training montage

The sections of the montage:

I. Pregame ambiance 0:00 – 3:05
II. Fans chat with a player they don’t recognize 3:10 – 3:30
III. Fans chat with second baseman Luis Valbuena 3:32 – 3:45
IV. Fans chat with catcher Lou Marson 3:45 – 4:25
V. Fans chat about a scandal 4:25 – 4:37
VI. The sound of catch 4:38 – 5:00
VII. Fans chat with third baseman Wes Hodges 5:04 – 5:42
VIII. More on the scandal 5:43 – 6:15
IX. “We met every Indian” 6:15 – 6:44
X. Fans chat with pitcher Justin Masterson 6:45 – 7:52
XI. Fans chat with pitcher Chris Perez 7:53 – 8:27
XII. Fans chat about a baseball player who quit to become a priest 8:28 – 9:02
XIII. A moment of tension 9:03 – 9:20
XIV. “Here we go, kid” (Tension relieved) 9:21 – 10:20

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