Isaan is the rural northeast area of Thailand, and is a major source of migrant labor for Bangkok. Transplanted Isaan natives are so numerous in the capital that there are several radio stations dedicated to their music. And more than a few of the songs on those stations are precisely about the difficulties of migration.

Isaan songs are usually melancholy – perfect for drinking. A neighborhood man sitting in front of a shophouse the other morning knocked back a few Leos and started singing along.

Song: ช้ำรักจากเมืองชล (“Bruised Love from Chonburi”)
Written and originally performed by: Chatri Sichon
Covered here by: Ekkachai Siwichai

Life is hard for a poor person from Chonburi
Have a little pity for me
Don’t keep me waiting long
Take my love and let’s join hands

Although I’m very poor and needy
I’ll always be rich in some ways
I’ll try to provide for you
Listen to my rambling song and have sympathy

It hurts leaving Chonburi
I’ve gotta press on, endure the fire of sadness
Til the dying breath of love
Meet my new boss
My heart is lovesick


Thanks to Peter and WS for help with track ID and translation.

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