Last week, PD and I went to a carnival near Din Daeng. The main attraction was an outdoor Lam Sing performance starring จีรพันธ์ แว่นระเว่ and วัชราภรณ์สมสุข, which was just getting good when a heavy rainfall ended the night prematurely. Here is a snippet of the show, complete with a dramatic build-up and some positive mid-song adjustments to the mix:

Also noteworthy were the barkers outside of the concert. One in particular struck our ears. He worked a booth where customers threw rattan balls at whiteboards emblazoned with pictures of Mickey. The prize for hitting Mickey three times in a row was a stuffed animal. (Not bottles of cheap whiskey, as at several of the other booths.)

The text of her shirt reads: “Sunday feel the holiday atmosphere please. Here is heaven on earth.”

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