Weird Vibrations accepts submissions from anyone interested in publishing a media-focused essay on human sensuality, especially listening.

In brief, we are looking for smart, compelling, original ideas based on original research or artistry. We would like to take advantage of the present medium to create a community for discussing how the senses play a vital role in political life.

Some good things to know:

  • We are especially interested in sound, but not exclusively.
  • We have a soft spot for “activist” work – that is, work that takes up issues of social inequity
  • We have a soft spot for thoughtfulness, whether you are an artist, academic, religious scholar, or none of the above.
  • We have a soft spot for great writing.
  • Your proposed project can be any word length, but it must include a significant media component. (Sounds, images, movies, interactive graphics, etc.)
  • First, letters of submission should be sent to, and should include a brief explanation (100-300 words) of what you hope to publish. Tell us also who you are.
  • Second, if we are interested, we will request a full version of your essay or project. At this point, we will work with you to edit your piece as necessary, in order to make it excellent.
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